Be picky when it comes to covering yourself


Package holiday or DIY booking, the one thing you should never forget? Insurance!

I know it might sound boring, probably because it’s not something tangible that you can see and touch, but it could work out to be the most important part of your break, other than the actual logistics of your travel, that is.

Put simply, you should never attempt to travel without adequate travel insurance. Why? Because in the event of a problem, your policy will turn out to be the one bit of paper that saves you from a very expensive mishap; it’s simply not worth the risk.

What you can do however, is grab a bargain on your insurance, simply by being a little clever about things.

For instance, if you book your holiday through a travel agent in person, or even online as a package, you will no doubt be offered their own insurance product. Whilst this is certainly going be adequate, I would say ‘no thank you’, and instead, shop around and see what I could find online. To be honest, you will almost always find it cheaper online, especially if you do a price comparison search. There are countless policies out there, and there could be one that suits your needs and price range much better.

Once you find your ideal policy, remember to declare any medical problems you have, and pre-existing ones too. It’s not worth attempting to disclose any details here, because in the event of a medical problem, your policy could become null and void if they find out you’ve not been totally honest. Tell them everything and you won’t have any worries.

There are countless options for types of insurance, and one great idea is multi-trip. If you’re going away a few times during the year, consider this option, because it could work out cheaper. There is also the backpacking insurance option, for those heading off on a true adventure. Tailor your insurance needs to your trip and you’ll get the most cover and value for your money.

Put simply, you shouldn’t grab the first offer that comes your way, instead you need to be choosey and really look into what you’re getting for your money. If you were buying a car, you wouldn’t go for the first option, would you? Consider your insurance needs as just as important, because really, they are!


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