The Best Ways To Enjoy Your Time In Banyuwangi


Be honest. Is Banyuwangi on your travel wish list? Do you dream of heading to this unique Indonesian destination? If the answer is no…it is time for you to reconsider. This area can be found on the eastern tip of Java in Indonesia. It is known for its beautiful landscapes. There is protected jungle and marine life. Not to mention the incredible Ijen Crater and Alas Purwo National Park. Do you love to be outdoors? Do you enjoy natural beauty? Do you love to take travel photographs? Then you will want to spend your next vacation in Banyuwangi. This unique area will leave you speechless. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy your time there.



Visit The Stunning Bedul Beach. So many of us dream of a fabulous beach vacation. Unfortunately, many of us wind up in the same old vacation spots over and over again. It doesn’t have to be that way. Staying in Banyuwangi is a wonderful alternative. (Especially if you choose to stay at the Hotel Santika Banyuwangi. Talk about luxurious!) Nearby the city of Banyuwangi there is the amazing Bedul Beach to visit. There are mangrove forests that shadow the waters. Here you can enjoy the sunshine and the stunning views. Or you can head over to the turtle sanctuary. There are guided tours available for the latter. There are also other types of wildlife in the park, including monkeys, lizards, and birds. A visit here will be memorable to say the least.

Spend a Day At Alas Purwo National Park. Chances are, you love spectacular views. So be sure to go and visit Alas Purwo National Park. It is not the most popular park in Java but it is certainly an incredible place to visit. There are over 43 000 hectares in the park with varying types of landscapes throughout. Those landscapes include deserted beaches (turtle hatching often takes place here), tropical forests, and small peaks. Campgrounds are available or you can simply stay for the day. It all depends on what you want from your vacation. A word to the wise? Be sure to bring along some food and water. It will certainly come in handy during your time here.


Take Lots of Pictures Of The Ijen Plateau. Now for the big one. This is arguably the most popular attraction in all of Banyuwangi. There is plenty to see here. That includes the Ijen Crater – where visitors can see bright blue flames coming from the crater. This is caused from burning sulfur gasses and makes for quite the view. There is also the stunning aqua lake. You will not believe it until you see it. The colours are so vivid! You will absolutely want to bring your camera with you. The photos you take will look just as incredible when you return home. Visitors to the Ijen Plateau can come on their own or with a guided tour company. Some even allow visitors to stay on site overnight. Not a bad way to experience the beauty of Banyuwangi!


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