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The Caribbean is simply put, a tropical paradise accented by numerous islands, expansive ocean, colorful schools of fish, fantastic dining options and beaches that back up to jaw dropping mountains. The Caribbean is also home to one of the planet’s most famous islands, the island of Jamaica. An island made up of English speaking locals, seafood galore, white sand beaches and lush mountain sides, Jamaica welcomes visitors to her shores with open arms. But what really makes this island so popular and beautiful in the minds of many?

White sand beaches

Pretty much no matter where you turn, outside of the Kingston area, you’ll find lovely white sand beaches to relax at and enjoy a good seafood meal. These beaches, though ranging in size, all have one thing in common- swaying palm trees. Though some beaches cater more to tourists and offer lots of different non motorized water sports to enjoy, there are still plenty of local beaches that you can visit as well. These beaches tend to be a bit on the calmer side, perfect for a honeymooning couple looking for a few hours of peace.

All-inclusive resorts

Home of the Jamaica all inclusive resorts scene, you’ll find many beautiful and luxurious options to choose from, throughout the entire island. Though all of the all-inclusive resorts available either line a beach or are situated incredibly close, they do tend to differ from one another. Generally speaking, you’ll find some that are better suited to those seeking a calmer, more relaxing romantic escape while others are designed more with families and young children in mind.

Mountain escapes

Though you may think of only the lower Caribbean islands as mountainous, Jamaica is also home to some beautiful mountains, with the most popular being the Blue Mountains. Have you ever heard of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee? Well, the Blue Mountains are where that coffee comes from. But these mountains offer much more than coffee. In fact, due to the lush greenery and winding mountain roads, Jamiaca’s higher peaks offer some great photo opportunities, meaning that you’ll want to make sure to carry your camera, or a few, every single time you visit. At the bottom of these mountains, you’ll often find beautiful cascading waterfalls, including the ever famous Dunn’s River Falls where you can enjoy a day of playing in the fresh water and socializing with both the locals and other tourists.

Just remember to be careful if you’re driving yourself, especially during the summer months as harsh rain frequently cause mud slides that have been known to take out sections of the road.

Ocean exploration

If the land wasn’t beautiful enough, there’s also the Caribbean Sea. Situated around the island, you’ll find lots of little coral reefs of varying depths, making for some fun ocean excursions and tours. If you’re an avid snorkeler, you’ll find lots of different tours to partake in, many of them provided by your resort. You’ll also find a sunset cruise, scuba diving and water sports to enjoy.

Because of the reasons listed above, as well as many others, it’s no wonder why so many people from around the world flock to Jamaica year after year. Serving as a chosen vacation destination for a large group of travelers, ranging from families to the romantically inclined, Jamaica’s popularity seems to be something that will stick around.


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