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Do you want to have a fun and fabulous vacation? Singapore is the place where you can spend your vacation along with the top most entertainment sites. In Singapore you can find many fun tourist attractive places, which is always attracts the flock of tourist people across the world. You will definitely forget your stress full life in Singapore’s adventure life. So start to explore the uniqueness of the Singapore and experience the fun environment over there.

Universal Studios Singapore1

Universal Studios Singapore:

The Universal Studios Singapore is the thrilling world of movie magic; where you can find the 24 attractions such as A Crate adventure, revenge of the mummy, Sherk 4D adventures, Madagascar and Jurassic park adventure and much more. If you want a thriller experience, which is the perfect place for you. There you can find many restaurants, shops over there. There you have to get the entrance ticket to experience the complete studio with the cost $ 75 for adults and 36 to 54$ for children. You can experience this thrilling from 10am to 7 pm throughout the year. Many adventure people moves towards this kind of studios atleast yearly once. Laughter and enjoy are heard everywhere in the Universal Studios Singapore. (Image by williamcho)

Singapore Flyer:

The Singapore Flyer is the most attractive and iconic symbol of the Singapore, which is the giant wheel with the height of 165 meters. The Singapore Flyer is one of the world’s important and largest ferries. You can find the breathtaking and awesome views of the entire Singapore From the giant wheel during the 30 minutes flight. This is located in the marina bay sea shore, which offers the spectacular sceneries from morning 9 to evening 6. You have spend up to 28$ for the 30 minutes ride, but which is the worthy trip to you. This is the must visit tourist spot in Singapore to excite each and every minutes in the ferry.

Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre:

The Singapore Science Centre is another most important fun site in Singapore but along with fun you can also learn the science and technology, which is the perfect place for the young science researcher and science and technology experts. The Singapore Science Centre offers the 850 rides, which describe the many wonders of the science and technologies. It attracts millions of tourist people across the world throughout the year from morning 10 to evening 6. The most prominent thing in this science centre is the Omnimax Theatre, which allows the visitors by mind-blowing 40 minutes about the science and technology show. Another important thing is Snow City, which is located near to the Omnimax theatre. In snow city you can enjoy the snowboarding and skiing, where you can experience the snowy atmosphere and enjoy the site by wearing the snow boots and jackets. This is the sight fully comprised with the fun and entertainment. (Image by spOt_ON)

So explore the Singapore by visiting the above described places. Singapore is the complete pack of fun and entertainment for you. So start to discover each and every moments in Singapore along with the fun and entertainment.


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