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Brazil which is considered as world’s fifth largest country is full of amazing places. There are sprawling white sand beaches, picture perfect metropolises, 7500 km long charming colonial townships. Apart from all such attractions there are tropical islands full or rich flora and fauna, breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, wetlands and the world famous Amazon rainforest. Here is the complete detail about Brazil and why it is considered as one of the world’s famous holiday destination.

Ouro Preto displays Portuguese culture through colonial townships

  • The best part about Ouro Preto is that it has got colonial townships that represent the age old Portuguese culture. The original meaning of Ouro Preto is “Black Gold” and this city was founded in the 17th Century. Though there are modern buildings also that are present but this city has got strong presence of Portuguese colonial architecture. There are many churches that can be visited and when you enter into these churches you feel as if the time has stood still and take back to age old memories. With its rich heritage and tradition Ouro Preto is included into every traveler’s list who wishes to come to Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha

  • Fernando de Noronha has got those white sand pristine beaches and virgin tropical islands. This place is situated at the northeastern coast of Brazil and is 220 miles away from Brazil. This place was also inhibited by Portugal people and the best place about this place is that it is one of the largest islands but has got a very less population. It means you can enjoy your honeymoon in a smooth and peaceful manner. Perfect for romantic trip and there are many water sports also that can be enjoyed at this part of the world. The sea water here is so clear that you can see sea creatures clearly with your eyes. ( image by Pedro Valadares )

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Salvador Beaches

  • Salvador beaches are perfect for surfers and it is also famous for coral reefs and there are many natural pools made of stone. This is one of those holiday destinations where children enjoy the most. You can also enjoy the scrumptious sea food and local drinks. You can also go to Rio and enjoy the world famous Rio Carnival. There are many fun filled activities that take place and everybody is welcomed with open hands. People here are very friendly and will make you comfortable during your travel.

Amazon River

  • The Amazon River is considered as the second longest river in the world and is approximately 4,000 miles long. As per the recent estimates there are over 3,000 fish species that done this river and there are around one-tenth of world’s living species that can be found living in the Amazon forest. You can enjoy a jungle safari or camping in the rainforest. Spot some great species of animals and mammals as you cruise along the forest in a jungle safari.

With so many beautiful places to enjoy Brazil is definitely one of those tourist destinations that a traveler should not miss. Once you visit this place you will again come back for more fun and enjoyment.
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