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Are you ready to explore the Barcelona? The Barcelona is the important and largest city in the Spain, which is the exact place for all visitors such as couples, families and singletons. In Barcelona you can find many important landmarks, wonderful beaches, amazing historic sites and much more. The Barcelona offers the tranquil weather, wonderful nightlife, delicious dishes, fun and entertainment to you. Don’t miss each and every second in Barcelona because it offers many attractive spots to you.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia:

The Sagrada Familia is the important landmark, which is the great example for the architectural quality of the Gaudí’s. The Sagrada Familia offers the spectacular façade attractions to all, where you can enjoy the amazing unfinished construction church. This is the important symbol of the Barcelona, which is constructing with the height of 45 m and length of 110 m and the church nested in the loop of twelve towers with the height between 100 and 115 m. You can enjoy the Sagrada Familia sceneries in all the months along with the varying of timing. There you must buy the admission ticket with the cost of €19.30 to view the Sagrada Familia interior and exterior attractions. The Sagrada Familia will mesmerize you by its wonderful attractions. (Image by núria carandell)

Parc Guëll:

The next important work of the Gaudí’s is the Parc Guëll, which glitters by the colorful architectural aspects. The Parc Guëll is the important and most visiting landmark in Barcelona, where you can find the plenty of spectacular colors. The Parc Guëll is the kind of public playground along with the many fountains, pedestrian foot path and sitting benches, where you can find the attractive spot of the park perched over the hill. This spot attracts more visitors by the colorful mosaic seats which allow you to get the spectacular view of the entire Barcelona city from the top of the hill. The next important attraction of the Parc Guëll Park is the museum located inside the park. The Gaudí House museum is the pink colored museum located at the base of the park, where you can see the Gaudí life evident such as the furniture and other designed things over there.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach:

The Barceloneta is another attractive site in the Barcelona, which is the awesome and important beach. The Barceloneta is covered by the white sand coastal line over 4.2 kilometers, which contain many attractive options over there to explore. This is the awesome place to all kind of people such as families and couples. The Barceloneta is the wonderful place to reveal your weary and stressful life, where you can find the many bars at the front of the coastal line. You don’t worry about the accommodation and food because Barceloneta beach vicinity you can find many luxury hotels and also middle level hotels. There you can buy many souvenirs and many things related to food and fashion. In Barceloneta beach you can enjoy the activities such as wind surfing, surfing, kite surfing and much more. This is the exact place to relax your highly preferred to visit this place after complete visit of the Barcelona city.

The Barcelona city is the awesome place; there you must visit the above mentioned sites. The above place makes your vacation fun full.

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