Excellent Tips On How To Travel Light And Easy


If you are planning to go on a weekend trip or holidays to other town or country the first and the foremost importance is to travel light and easy. By travelling light you can enjoy your trip in a smooth way as you don’t have to bother about carrying heavy weight with you. But the real problem is how to get rid of those extra things and carry only essential items with you. Well here are some excellent tips on how to travel light and easy. ( Image by Bitt-n.com)

Excellent Tips1
Roll your clothes and pick only a pair of jeans

  • One of the best things to do is to roll your clothes and pick only a pair of jeans. By doing this, you are saving lots of space and will be able carry some other essential items also. You can roll your clothes just as if rolling up a yoga mat and the best part about doing this is that there will be no wrinkles on the clothes.
  • Another best thing that can be done is to leave all your beauty items back at home. Only carry essential beauty items such as small make up kits and basic items. ( Image by The World According To Marty)

Excellent Tips

There is no need to pick hair dryer or other electronic items such as iron

  • If you are going out of town then there are chances that you might be staying at hotel or a lodge. Normally hotels or lodges have hair dryer and iron facilities and hence there is no need to carry that iron or dryer and you can save on lots of weight because of this.
  • There is no need to carry food items as these are also readily available wherever you go. Normally food items increases the overall weight and hence must not be included in your travel list.

Carry your stuff into a multi-purpose bag pack

  • Many multi-purpose bag packs are available. The best part about such bag packs is that these have multiple pockets and you can carry different items in them. You can easily buy such bag packs from any of the online shopping store and these days the military styled bag packs are in great demand.
  • If you can spare 10 minutes before sleep to wash your socks and undergarments during the night time so that they are all dried up by morning then there is no need to carry extra socks or undergarments. Only carry few of them so that you can travel light and easy.

There is no need to carry extra shoes

  • One of the best things that can be done is not to carry extra pair of shoes. If you can get over with your obsession for shoes then only one pair of shoes is sufficient during travel. It is good if you can buy yourself a nice pair of casual and lightweight shoes and travel light and easy.
  • By following all the above mentioned excellent tips you can really enjoy your holidays by travelling light and easy. Moreover, you will feel good when you have to carry very less weight during your travel.

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