Explore the Exhaustive Array of Free Things in Los Angles


Los Angeles has an exhaustive array of free things to do. The Los Angles is the fabulous city where arts and culture, attractions, activities, health and beauty, concerts and recreation come free of charge. Explore the many free attractions in Los Angles from museums to iconic landmarks and lesser-known sites. Here is a great list of things to do and places to see on a budget when you visit Los Angeles.


If you love arts and culture, Los Angeles is the city for cutting-edge art and diverse cultures and it is lucky for you that much of it is free.  Los Angeles is full of architectural treasures over many decades. Los Angles city treasures tell stories of the cultural past, present and future, of the hopes and dreams of the City of Angels and visitors can find many of LA’s murals in Metro Stations, or visit the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles for complete information. If you want to know about the birthplace of Los Angles you can explore El Pueblo Historical Monument.

Leimert Park Village is located in the heart of the Crenshaw district that let you know about the African American culture of its shops, art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and jazz clubs. Check out the latest and hippest at the Downtown LA Art Walk, which occurs the second Thursday of the month. Check out the latest and hippest at the Downtown LA Art Walk, which occurs the second Thursday of the month.  The North Hollywood Arts District is a square-mile area that is quickly turning into one of LA’s artier communities, with galleries, public art, theaters, boutiques, vintage clothing stores, ethnic restaurants and outdoor cafes. Enjoy the eye catching scenery of arts, culture in Los Angeles that is totally for free.


Staying healthy and getting pretty shouldn’t cost you, especially in Los Angeles. Sephora’s stores are a express free service where you can enjoy the Los Angles quintessential shopping malls. One of the most popular is the famous original Los Angeles Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax. Get fit with Fido which is the areas within parks offer a variety of facilities for humans and animals. Venice Beach is world famous for its funky folks, but it’s at least as well known for Muscle Beach, home to amateur and professional bodybuilders alike. Check out all the free ways to maintain your health and beauty in Los Angeles.


In Los Angeles, free days at museums aren’t difficult to come by. In fact, so many LA museums offer free days that it’s easy to enjoy some of LA’s greatest treasures without spending any money. You can explore Autry National Center’s galleries explore broad themes relating to the history and diverse cultures of the American West. With more than 15,000 objects in their extensive collections, the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena span 5000 years of Asia’s and the Pacific Islands’ history and include paintings and drawings, ceramics, textiles and more. Enjoy the eye catching collections without missing anything.

Explore these free things and have a lovely trip without firing your wallet. Enjoy!

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