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If you are in the process of searching the best place for vacation, then what for you are waiting? France, a country in Western Europe, has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for over two decades. France is at once a film set, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and a vibrant, densely packed collection of villages. It has tourist sites for all tastes. France has something for everyone, which is the one of the reasons why it remains the world’s number one tourist destination. However, there are some places you would find perfect.

Mont Saint-Michel

If you want to be fully enthralled in the natural beauty of the France, the perfect spot for you is Mont Saint-Michel. It is one of the most visited tourist site of Normandy, built between sand and sky, represents one of the most amazing middle ages creation. It is rocky, peaked island which is accessible at all times except when the tide is very high. There are plenty of great restaurants, wicked stores and incredible places to climb and enjoy the dynamic views of the landscape and the ocean that surround the Mont Saint-Michel. Directly below the grand monastery is the village comprised of winding streets, small houses and shops which gives you a token of remembrance. It is the place that well worth the effort, price and the time. The hotels offer a luxury food and wines not to be missed. (Image by Baloulumix)

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The Loire Valley

An area of outstanding natural beauty which is located in the wonderful middle stretch of the central France, the Loire Valley is also affectionately known as the garden of France. It offers something great to every visitor. There are fascinating gardens to wander through full of orchards of fruit trees and sweet smelling flowers. In no particular order there are some must places for those who want to spend their time to relax in a pleasant manner. The first attraction is the magnificent Ainy-le-Vieil Chateau, one of the greatest gardens with remarkable interiors, complete with fireplaces and personal mementoes of the past owners. (Image bymarc1961be)

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You can visit and stay at Notre Dame d’Orsan Garden and Hotel. Garden Lovers should stay the night here so you can see the garden at dusk and in the early morning when there are no other visitors, so you can spend your own time and get relaxed by its beauty. The room rent starts from 245 to 345 euro. There are people who come here as a part of any travel package and some people only like to stay here for a short duration so the rent might raise up depending upon the additional services such as room services and location of the room selected. Dinner will be prepared with as many fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden as possible and that offers a delicious food and wine.

The Palace of Versailles

The Versailles Palace is one of the beautiful achievements of 18th century French art and has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for 30 years. It is the palace where the each of three French Kings lived there until the French Revolution and added improvements in the structure to make it more beautiful. The Palace is surrounded by a number of spectacular groves and gardens which are sprinkled, in amazing numbers, with beautiful sculptures and fountains. This will be the perfect stroll in the sunshine during the summer time. You can have a visit here to have a historical adventure by seeing the incredible Gardens, Breathtaking Basins, fountains and statues, Marvelous Hall of Mirrors and the grand Trianon castle. (Image by spawtdog)

Fascinating Destinations in France to Visit 04Since, there are many new spots you can try that will make your trip better and more interesting. These places                                        make your travel delight. So go ahead and explore some new places you have never gone before. Enjoy!


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