The four Imperial cities of Morocco


Morocco is the perfect blend of culture, food, high mountains, deserts, coastlines, ancient medina cities and souqs. You will notice it embraces African, European, and Middle-Eastern influences. Visiting these four cities is a great way to experience Morocco to the fullest, in a short period of time. Don’t forget to do a quick cell phone recharge before you leave, since you never know which situations you might run into. Always be prepared for anything when traveling from one Imperial city to another!

Rabat – Imperial city one

The city of Rabat is the capital of Morocco. Rabat is a modern city but also has an old part, which can be described as small and pleasant. It is the administrative and political center of Morocco. The colonial architecture, the gorgeous coastline, the quiet medina and the laid-back atmosphere, are definitely worth exploring.

Must-sees in Rabat:

– Chellah

– Grande Mosquee

– Hassan Tower

Fez – Imperial city two

The intriguing city of Fez could be described as an old and self-confident city that has nothing to prove. This is the place where Morocco’s independence movement was born a very long time ago. Fez reveals its charms in most unexpected ways. Try not to get lost while shopping in the old medina, which reminds many of a maze. It’s quite hilly and the Median in Fez is listed on Unesco’s World Heritage list.

Must-sees in Fez:

– Bou Inania Madrasa, which is one of the few religious places in Morocco where non-Muslims are allowed to enter.

– Chaouwara Tanneries
– Dar el-Makhzen

– Henna Souk

Marrakesh – Imperial city three

Without a doubt, Marrakesh is one of the best-known Moroccan cities. Since most houses are made of red stones, it is dubbed ‘red city’. Located close to the Atlas mountains, the city has a lot to offer. Although chaotic from time to time, Marrakesh is beautiful because of its great diversity. Visit the old-town, but also go and see the many restaurants and art-galleries in the new town. In addition, don’t skip the palm oasis. Moreover, Djema al-Fna is a great place to have dinner.

Must-sees in Marrakech:

– Jardin Majorelle

– Bahia Palace

– Dar Si Said

Meknes – Imperial city four

The fourth and final Imperial city is Meknes. Slightly less famous than the other three, it has a lot of surprises to offer. Sultan Moulay Ismal gave the order the build a city with many fountains, mosques, palaces, patios and gardens. Meknes is a city with a lot of sight-seeing opportunities. The city can be seen as a hidden gem, since it receives few visitors than it should. Don’t make the mistake of skipping this beautiful city. And be surprised by this laid-back, friendly, more quiet city

Must-sees in Meknes:

– Dar Jamaï Museum

– Medersa Bou Inania

– Koubbat as-Sufara’


A bonus which cannot be skipped during your visit, is the Blue City of ChefChaouen. Once you visit ChefChaouen you will soon understand the nick-name of this city. In this artsy, blue-washed mountain village you will feel like you are in a completely different world.

Must-sees in ChefChaouen:

– Grande Mosquée

– Kasbah

– Plaza Uta el-Hammam

The Imperial cities are probably the most famous cities of Morocco. Consider them as a starting point for your Moroccan journey and experience this amazing to the fullest. Dive into a completely different culture and enjoy all it has to offer.


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