Four Ways to Provide Good Customer Service at Hotels


In today’s world, customers simply expect more, and providing a great customer service experience isn’t necessarily as easy as it used to be. Consumers are constantly changing their behavior and their preferences, and it’s often difficult to stay on top of the trends and keep your hotel successful.

Research shows that a good portion of consumers will pay more for a better customer service experience (almost 90 percent), illustrating the fact that service should be at the top of any hotel’s priority list. While every new tactic should be adapted to the individual business or location, there are a few simple ways that you can increase customer satisfaction at any hotel.

1. Communication Is Key

As customer expectations are constantly changing, your staff should regularly be updated regarding what you expect from them. You may opt to have daily briefings to cover special information and to discuss any important feedback your employees may have received from customers. These meetings should take priority even on your busiest days, as they hold the keys to ensuring that all your customers are happy.

2. Invested Employees

It’s common knowledge that companies with happy employees also have happier customers. When your staff is invested in your vision and your ultimate goals, they are also more committed to turning them into reality. Don’t just focus on your front desk staff, but teach every employee to communicate appropriately with guests when they are presented with the opportunity. Keep your employees happy and excited to do their jobs, and you create a culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

3. Don’t Neglect the Little Things

With many things in life, it’s the little things that count. As your hotel and employees go above and beyond what your customers expect, satisfaction levels increase and you’ve gained loyal followers of your brand. Even something simple like free cookies, an upgrade to a suite, or a stocked fridge can send a guest to the Internet to rave about their exceeded expectations. While it’s a given that customers expect friendly, reliable customer service, the above-and-beyond gestures are what really sell them on a particular hotel.

4. Competition Keeps You at the Top of Your Game

Most hotels offer some type of rewards program, and while this is beneficial to your guests, it isn’t what will tip the scales in your favor. What will draw customers to you is how you handle the competition and what you do to go the extra mile to say thank you to them for always choosing you. What you offer your customers should be unique to your hotel and brand even if you can’t afford to compete with bigger chains around the world. Personalized packages or extra rewards for certain point levels are the first step in setting your hotel apart from the rest.

Quality, Not Quantity

Ultimately, your customers want to stay somewhere they feel at home. They want a home base when they are traveling, and you ensure your success when you create an atmosphere that they can call their own. Listen to the feedback from every guest, and believe in your vision to make the experience special for every consumer who chooses your hotel.


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