Go To Any Of The Four Places To Have A Memorable Vacation In 2014


Since summer is coming and you are eager to go on vacations with your friends, family members and special ones. You want to have a memorable trip this year. The world offers you the chance to select numerous destination places to visit in 2014. Is Brazil on your container list this year? What about Russia? There are some destination places mentioned below you can consider to visit this year, where you must proceed with care, and which places to rethink going this year altogether in anticipation of social and political circumstances calm down a little bit.


Brazil is one of the popular and thriving towns that you can visit in 2014. It is always an immense destination place to go, so you can opt for it. The town of Porto Alegre will play host to the FIFA World Cup 2014, this year, an event which is most preferred by game lovers all over the globe. This place serves as the home to a number of the most excellent carnival celebrations of the world held in Rio de Janeiro. There are lots of attractions available in this place that you can opt for, while visiting this place.


If you are seeking for an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday in a land of beautiful and exciting beaches, rich culture and impressive volcanoes, which is not as touristy and crowded like Costa Rice, then you, can try to visit the Nicaragua. This place is considered as an upcoming destination place that offers travelers a more authentic and adventurous Central American experience. It is situated less than 2 hours from Miami region, 2.5 hours from Houston region and reachable by direct air flights to Managua from most of the main cities such as L.A, Houston, Miami, New York city, San Francisco, Dallas, and New Orleans and so on. At your arrival, you will get a wide range of restaurants, hotels and attractions at cheaper prices in this place. ( image by Hot Rock Pictures )
Nicaragua beaches


Mexico is creating fairly a comeback in current months. The fundamental facts remain the same like locals and tourists alike are sometimes wedged in the cross fire of challenger drug cartel combats, or can turn into the victims of express kidnappings. Nowadays, you can go on vacations to this place as it offers you a wide range of exciting and attractive places to visit. The best section about this place is that you can obtain attractions, affordable hotels or resorts, family fun and exciting sandy beaches. ( Image by Retlaw Snellac Photography)
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St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi are 3 most popular locations full of Russian history, art and culture. In recent times, Sochi will be hosting the Winter Olympics in 2014. While the nation remains a must-observe on bucket lists of most of the travelers from different regions of the world. Visiting Russia these days can be taken as an adventure abrupt in the bureaucratic and controversy red tape. But you can visit this place to see this exciting event in 2014.

You can go to any of the above mentioned places this year on travel trips.
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