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Most of the people are fond of reading books and want to travel around the world to find out the popular book libraries that provides them useful resources to put in their book library. If you are one of the individuals, you possibly tend to drop to bookshops and public libraries when you go on a trip. Whether it is the attraction of knowledge, history of big and ancient buildings, or the scent of ancient books, there is something amazing about watching how every city selects to display the literature.

In fact, from the centuries old institutions that come out of the history to the recent, architecturally impressive facades, you can get a wide range of interesting and attractive library designs in different parts of the world. Every time you go on vacation, but if you are unable to see the breathtaking book palaces, then have a look at following mentioned wonderful libraries available all over the world that you can opt to go on vacations:

State Library of Victoria

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1.  The State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria is situated in Melbourne in Australia. It is made up of twenty three buildings and acquires up the whole city block. The construction of the building begun in 1854 and the service characterizes numerous of the breathtaking tradition interiors in Melbourne. You can go to this place, if you really want to get the number of books that offers you a great knowledge about anything. This library offers above 2 million books, a huge number of manuscripts, maps and newspapers as well as a wide range of digital material. Travelers can also surf 2 free, permanent exhibitions. You can also play chess, admire art and watch movies. It serves as home to 3 free art galleries.

2. The Stuttgart City Library

Another library, you can explore, which has a simple and modern design as well as the sensation of an art gallery is the Stuttgart City Library. It is located in Stuttgart in Germany. It is the premiere destination place for book lovers. It has been designed like a cultural and intellectual center for Stuttgart. It characterizes a white, huge, four story center space known as the Heart, which shows both the meditation and the spatial center of the entire building. Travelers can explore an entire library, which is considered as the stunning architectural wonder of the city.

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3. The Royal Library

It is one of the most popular libraries situated in the capital of the Denmark, Copenhagen. It is the must see destination place for travelers from different parts of the world. It is spread over 4 sites and serve as home to approximately well recognized printed Danish efforts that include the primary book, which was published in 1482. Whilst Copenhagen show offs a number of fine buildings. With a glass exterior and a black marble along with the wonderful interiors that features an 8 story atrium that has a huge ceiling fresco and wave shaped walls, it is visually stunning and beautiful library. There is a presence of black architectural masterpiece that offers a peaceful location and beautiful water views for getting lost in the creativity of Hans Christian Andersen.

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