There is no doubt that South Africa is among the leading destinations that anyone will long to take the love of his or her life for a romantic holiday. With the accommodation that features private rooms and splash types of pools, the best rates and adventurous activities definitely this is the destination that is beyond being defined as exclusive but rather a corner of paradise on the planet earth. The various romantic gateways will surely inspire you as a traveler to the place as you will leave wishing to have time to go back sooner than later. Among the romantic gateways that will sweep the lucky man or the beautiful lady off their feet once they land in the South Arica are included in the discussion below.

Emerald Resort and casino- Aquodome 

No matter the prevalent weather in the place, it will not stop you from having fun on your part. You can slip down the various waterslides within the casino, make an exploration in the shipwreck or if you are comfortable, you can equally take a dip under the water with the person in your company. You should never worry about you safety as you have good time since there is a team of well-trained lifeguards who are ever on alert to come to your rescue incase anything goes wrong. You can also laze in the outdoor area provided, as you enjoy the rays of the sun. For those who love basketball and volleyball you can play the same on the beach until you are exhausted in totality. If you wish to try your luck online while enjoying your room, there are many great local casino sites where you can find a great lobby and various games.

The oystercatcher lodge

This wonderful romantic and magnificent destination is located along the West Coast. You can decide to spent time in the beach villa or the even the suites for those on honeymoon. At this point nature is clearly defined. You will be able to see the lovely birds, the whales or a look at the setting sun in the horizon. In terms of food, the sea type of diet will make the moment worth memorable by both of you.

The wine lands of the Western Cape Town

Western Cape Town

The area is not only pretty but also romantic for your holiday. Towns such as Paarl, Bonnievale , Franschoek and Montagu provide the greatest inspiration that you will rarely find elsewhere in the whole world. In Franschoek you will come across the most excellent cuisines as well as decors that will you fall in love with repeatedly.

The blue mountain lodge

This option will be a good for you if your desire is to have the ultimate winter gateway. It is located in the Kiepersol , Mpumalanga region of the nation of south Africa. The Victorian suites at the place are just amazing.

The Lily Pond country lodge

This is also known as the Nature’s valley because of the” sweetness “of the spot. It has its location among the colorful lily ponds where you can go if you wish to have some privacy because of one reason or the other.

In summary, you can make heaven on earth for your spouse on valentine day or any other day as you see convenient to take him or her to one of the best romantic gateways in South Africa. Spending some time with them in the romantic villas or lazing in the sun will make them feel very special.


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