Here’s How to Experience Pune in Monsoon


Monsoon vacations with family are some great travel ideas to experience. Taking out time from the hassle of routine for a short family trip is never a bad idea. So, if you are planning a trip to Pune in Monsoon, let us help you with how to experience it the best way possible! Stick with us!

Pune has in store some alluring scenic beauty that is surely worth visiting.

Malshej Ghat of Pune is one such place surrounded by a breathtaking view of waterfalls, valleys, and hills covered with greenery, making the place an extremely beautiful sight during monsoons. It is said to be home for a variety of population of birds like flamingos, cuckoos, quails and crakes. These beauties can also be spotted!

What better way to spend a beautiful monsoon day than by admiring a serene view like such!

Apart from natural beauty Pune also plays host to multiple ancient monuments and forts of historical importance and aura. So, if you are someone who cannot get enough of the ancient-ness of our country, then here are some perfect destinations for you to stop by!

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is an ancient fort in Pune that is spread over a vast area with five different gates, a few buildings (palaces), a beautiful lotus-shaped fountain, and a lot of greenery. Built way over 200 years ago, this palace served as a seat for the Maratha Empire, shortly turning into a center for Indian Politics back then. The most part of it is said to have been destroyed by a fire in the 18th century, but the remains are being maintained for tourism. Shaniwar Wada makes it for a great experience looking around the enormous palace and the surroundings and the beautiful historic vibe that it holds.

Aga Khan Palace

Built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III several years ago, Aga Khan Palace in Pune is of great importance in the Indian history. It is because this was the place where the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned along with his wife, thereby linking the place closely to the Indian Freedom Movement. Doesn’t the fact stir senses within? How thrilling and important it would be to pay visits to places of such importance to the Indian history! Add Aga Khan Palace to your bucket list and call in on the beauty.

Aga Khan Palace

Mahatma Phule Museum

Well if you are someone who is drawn to ancient items, pictures, machines and things of the sort, then this museum is for you. Mahatma Phule Museum of Pune plays host to a collection of charts explaining forts of Pune, ancient pictures, machines used back in the time, weapons and armory of the Maratha Empire and a ton of other displays totally worth your time. There is a handful of stuff related to minerals, handicrafts, industry, agriculture, forestry and a lot more stuff that is sure to catch your attention.

There are a few temples as well that are some of the other attractions of Pune, like Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple and Chaturshringi Temple. Now, these temples might also be some perfect spots to visit while out on a drizzling day since it only adds to the beauty of the temples, making them very pleasant visits.

These are few of the places, totally worth visiting while in Pune, that we have listed out to help plan out your ‘to-visit’ list for you! But there is always a lot more the place has to offer, so brace yourselves. Look up hotels in Pune for family online on Yatra from a list of a variety of hotels and choose according to your comfort. Book your trip now and get them to be your travel guide, while you sit back and prepare to embark on your monsoon adventure with family. Planning and travelling has just gotten easier with Yatra.


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