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If you want to spend your time near nature, pack a picnic to Australia which is the best spot for flowers and plants lovers as they can find out mass choice in all the seasons. The beautiful botanical garden in Australia houses large number of astonishing botanical gardens that draws millions of tourist from all over the world. There is no doubt that Australia’s park and gardens leave a deep, lasting impact on visitors from all over the world. Check out the following gardens in Australia that must be included in your bucket list for sure. (Image by Traveler086)

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Royal botanical gardens, Melbourne

Royal botanical garden in Australia is one of the most astonishing botanical garden in the city that is located in the beautiful Melbourne. Royal botanical garden is the good spot for a perfect stroll or a picnic or it is also the best place to catch an open air film over the summer. The Royal Botanical Garden is the best treasure part of Melbourne’s cultural life and a valuable asset to the heritage-rich city where the visitors and tourist can enjoy the discovery and delight.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is home to both amazing and diverse plant collections that includes camellias, rainforest flora, succulents and cacti, roses, Californian species, herbs, perennials, cycads and plants from Southern China. Make a visit to this garden during the warmer month so that you can enjoy even more astonishing collections.

Wellington Botanical Gardens, New Zealand

The exotic Wellington Botanical Garden is located on New Zealand that houses large number of unsurpassed views, unique landscape, exotic forests, native bush and also the gorgeous specialist gardens and much more. The garden is open to the public all the days in a week from 9 am to 4 pm. You can enjoy the sightseeing without spending a single bug as an entry fee. Explore the garden that must not to be missed when you plan a visit to Australia.

Hunter Valley Gardens, New South Wales

Hunter Valley Garden is the most astonishing garden that is located in the New South Wales which has been fixed in the wonderful wine region of the Hunter Valley. Visitors to this garden can enjoy over 300 hectares and are often termed gardens within gardens with formal, rose, storybook and even Japanese styles. Enjoy the unique collections of the Australia with out missing any of the things. (Image by Hunter Valley Gardens)


Chinoiserie, Mittagong and Mount Macedon, Victoria

Chinoiserie and Mount Macedon are the most attractive gardens in Australia that hoses large number of beautiful gardens and parks housing very rare and unusual plants that definitely delight your eyes with its elegant beauty. Explore to these gardens and fall in love with its mesmerizing beauty.

Carnival of Flowers, Toowoomba, Queensland

Carnival of Flowers is the most famous annual horticultural event which is the longest running festival in Australia. The festival brings together horticulture, entertainment and gourmet foods which is the best combinations ever.

Floriade Festival, Canberra

Florida Festival park is the month-long festival is held every spring in Canberra’s Commonwealth Park. People can enjoy the plenty of entertainment for kids, wine bibbers, food lovers, shoppers and green thumbs.

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