New travel apps to download before you leave for the holidays


What’s the thing you always have with you when going out of your home? Yeah, your smartphone. We use it to send text messages, call, play games, connect to the internet, and use a vast collection of apps to accomplish a host of different tasks – from simple workout applications to travel tools. If you’re looking for apps that you’ll actually use the next time you travel, read on.

Waze. Loved by drivers from all walks of life, Waze is a GPS navigation app that draws data from its community of drivers to generate the most up-to-date and precise road data. It worksthe same way as Google Maps, but users can simply share info about hazards, traffic or accidents. This is perfect when navigating an unfamiliar city and ifyou’re not sure where the traffic hotspots are, this app has your back.

Hopper. What sets Hopper from other booking apps such as Cheapflights and Skyscanner is that it doesn’t justallow you to book flights on your phone, it can alsotell you when to do it, and how to get the best prices. After choosing a flight, the app will let you know whether you should wait or buy it now. If it’s best to wait, it will send you a notificationwhen the price drops. The app can do this because of it has archived trillions of flight prices, which gives its predictions a 95% accuracy.

PackPoint. PackPoint can automatically create a personalised packing list for your trip. Just enter your destination, travel date, and length of stay with the details of the activities you’re planning. If the app has given you a list that does not include your newly bought outfit, it’s very easy to modify the list once it has been created.

Accuweather. After the jurisdiction of the country, you know so much about, you’ll need to find a wider-reaching weather report source that works.Accuweather tops the charts for international forecasting. The website and its app provide services in over 100 languages. It is used by more than 1.5 billion people and provides everything from general forecasts to minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts hyperlocalised to your currentlocation. The detail is phenomenaland you’ll never be caught short of an umbrella or sun cream.

TunnelBear. If you want to stream videos as well as keep your internet connection safe while abroad, then you’ll need to use a VPN (virtual private network). VPNs can hide your IP address and exact location and can “tunnel” you to another country. There are lots of apps to choose from but TunnelBear is a particularly easy one to use and has a free version for those who don’t use much data, or just want to test it out before going premium.

Google Translate. Google Translate is most useful on a practical level when you want to quickly translate day-to-day words you come across on your travels.

End Note

And what’s the most important thing you shouldn’t forget when going abroad, even if you forget all of these apps? That’s right, a good travel insurance to cover any mishaps you may encounter while having the time of your life. Have fun out there!


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