Places to Explore Without Burning a Whole in Your Wallet


Are you a budget traveler? Don’t worry about burning the cash for exploring the stunning spot. There are some of the world’s most beautiful destinations that will allow you to have a blast without burning a hole in your wallet. Get ready for a travel with family or friends.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa is an exciting capital of Honduras located in the central region of the country. A holy churches and a fabulous new museum, as well as some smaller unexpected traits, will easily keep you entertained for a day or two. Given a little time, you will see Tegucigalpa has a lot to offer. It offers you with many cheap accommodations hostels starting at $13 US per night or inexpensive hotels ranging from $14-18 a night.  Even if you cannot afford anything over here, there, you will always find a lot of action here. The old historical center of town, with its buildings and churches, is also worth a visit. Tegucigalpa weather varies with the seasons as you can enjoy the excellent weather vacation, with warm daytime. Finally, you can find as there are many different types of foods at reasonable prices, including Asian, European, Honduran, and other Latin foods.


If you are running out of budget and looking for cheap holiday destinations, then India definitely should be your choice. India is a different country when compared with rest of the countries in the world as it is the only country where you can find all into one in terms of culture, food, places, accommodations and the travel. You will fall in love with India after experiences all those adventurous spots. You can have a fantastic cheap vacation in Agra, Jaipur, Goa, Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Old Delhi,Kerala and so on. Traveling in India will cost you at least $20-$30 per day. Cheap rooms are available in large numbers and the rate varies depending on the comfort of the room. Delicious meals are available with a couple of dollars. You are all set for a once in a lifetime adventure. (Image by jayk7)



Turkey is a vast country comprised of incredible landscapes and natural wonders bordered by four different seas and since it is the great destination for relaxing beach holidays, it also offers many sporting activities, as well as some of the world’s most stunning ancient monuments. Surely you want to relax on your holiday as well as enjoy some excitement places in cheaper rates. You can find the country to be cheap, friendly, and safe. Turkey is the place for you. It also offers a huge variety of other things to experience in Turkey. Hotels and rooms for travelers are cheap, and go for around $10 per night. Cheap food is available with only a couple of dollars; on the other hand the hotel meals cost a few dollars. Expenditure to Turkey is about $25-$30 in a day. February is the best months to explore here as it has the highest temperature that would be no more than 90 degrees. (Image by Turkish Travel)



Indonesia is comprised of thousands of islands that you can pick from to explore the jungles and enjoy the sunshine. You can describe the Indonesia in three words it would be: seafood, sunsets and so many surprises. Indonesia offers plenty of activity that can be had for free. You can experience the mountains, rainforests and silver beaches and the crystal clear sees spread all over. It is the best place to discover the local’s lives The street food in this great country is amazing and costs below $2. The tourists must acquire a visa, but it is not too pricey since it starts at $25.  People over there are very friendly and willing to meet your needs. Do not forget your swimsuit since you have countless chances to play with waterfalls, swimming holes. Indonesia is known for its festivals and you can have an event in Bali which is 400 km from it but you will get satisfied with surfing, fishing and doing some activities in breathtaking beaches. (Image by georgetiew)


These are the low budget places where you can explore to experience the adventure. All you need as a traveler is a few dollars to move from one city to another, both in road and in air. So pack a picnic and get ready to enjoy.


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