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Are you looking for best fascinating place to explore with your family? Pune is the best choice for for you to be. Pune is the fascinating places that offers an exotic variety of attracttions that offers the best time with the serene attractions. Pune is one of the most important cities of India is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and the city is famously called ‘Oxford of the East’. This beautiful city exhibits top attractions with a blend of traditional values and modern infrastructure. Well, here are some of the fascinating places to visit when you plan a travel to Pune.

Pataleshwar Temple

Pataleshwar Temple is the famous heritage temple is one of the most important attractions of Pune. The elegant rock cut architecture and traditional artistry are the two main features determining the prominence and recognition of this beautiful temple. The architecture of the temple is somewhat similar to Elephanta caves. The nearby Shiva temple is also an interesting location to visit. There are many hotels in Pune located around this temple.

Agakhan Palace

Agakhan Palace is the most beautiful palace is one of the top destinations to visit in Pune. The palace is a perfect reminiscence of traditional Indian architecture technique and excellence. The palace is surrounded by the lush green gardens from all sides, making it one of the sought after heritage buildings in the state. This beautiful palace is a reminder of the royal past of this magnificent city.

Osho Ashram

The Osho commune international is undoubtedly one of the most coveted institutions for meditation and personal development. The ashram is located on the outskirts of the city near Koregaon Park and is just 40 minutes drive away from Mumbai. The founder of this Ashram, Osho Rajneesh was a renowned spiritual guru famous for his unique meditation techniques. There are a good number of hotels in Pune around this ashram.

The prominence of Pune has improved significantly in the recent past and the city has become one of the most prized tourist destinations for the state of Maharashtra.

Pataleshwer Cave Temples

Pataleshwer Cave Temples is the hidden in the heart of the city in the Shivajinagar area is this 8thcentury rock cut temple. This temple, similar to the Caves at Ellora, has been painstakingly hewn from a single rock and includes massive pillars, a Shiva shrine and a Nandi bull.

Other Attraction in Pune

Pune is captivated with lots of exotic attractions that definitely worth the effort and visit. Saras Bagh of Pune is a beautiful and well maintained garden area in Pune which houses lush green lawns with serene environment. If you are looking for the serene environment, head straight to the Splash Mountain which is the largest water park in India with worldwide standards of activities. Malshej Ghat is a popular hill station. It lies in the middle of the Sahyadri mountain range. The place is a top tourist draw for the scenic waterfalls and surroundings. There are also some of the other fascinating places so plan your trip accordingly to have an unforgettable experience.

Explore all these places and have a lovely trip with your family.

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