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Punjab is one of the most prosperous states of India which is completely captivated with the distinctive and lively culture. Visitors to Punjab will get immerse with its sprawling farmlands which has been aptly nicknamed the smiling soul of India. Punjab has many tourist places to visit, there is very nice sightseeing, attractions in Punjab which are must see in Punjab. Punjab is most popular for the scenic landscape, rich history and the famous religious sites that draw large number of tourist from all over the world. Check out the following places to visit in Punjab.


Amritsar is one of the most famous largest cities in Punjab, which is the spiritual capital and a major pilgrimage spot for the Sikhs. The city boasts of its various temples and shrines mostly dedicated to the Sikh culture and also the cty is popular for the Punjabi cuisines. Visit the Golden Temple which is the pride attraction of the city and the most important pilgrim spot for the Sikh community. The temple is exquisitely adorned with intricate designs and carvings.

It is a must-see site if you plan to travel to Punjab. Make a visit to the Jallianwala bagh to know about the historical memorial burried here. Visit Akal Takht which is one of the 5 Takhts of the Sikh religion, and is located in the Golden temple complex. Visit Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary where you can find out the unique attraction that draws the attention of all the tourist. Make a visit to the Gurudwara Sri Tarn Taran Sahib, Amritsar Heritage Walk, Witness Wagah Border Ceremony, Hanuman Mandir and other places that would definitely worth your visit and effort.

Patiala and Kila Raipur

Patiala and Kila Raipur are also the most important tourist attractions that must be visited when you plan a visit to the Punjab. Kila Raipur is the most famous tourist attraction where you can find out Bullocks, camels, dogs, mules, and other animals competing in highly professional events must be seen to be believed. The fun doesn’t end at the end of the day here. Each evening there is a cultural feast featuring top notch folk singers, Bhangra, and Gidha players.

The program continues well past midnight on all three day of the festival. Patiala is the place to come to explore the royal Punjab of the past that has been greeted by opulent palace buildings, gardens and parks. Patiala is well known for its Moti Bagh Palace which houses an excellent art gallery, and the imposing 10 acre Qila Mubarak complex with its series of palaces, inner fort, and audience hall. Plan your visit accordingly and have a blast in your trip.

Other Attractions in and around Punjab


Pushpa Gujral Science City is one of the biggest science parks of North India that offers the tremendous collections of exhibitions that tells about the historical and the cultural structure of Punjab. The town of Goindwal holds immense significance in reference to the Sikh religious pilgrimage sites that boasts of some of the important Gurudwaras and among them the Goindwal Sahib is one of the greatest attractions. Visit Anandpur Sahib, during Baisaki to catch the carnival like celebrations that take place there. (Image byDJ SINGH)


Explore and enjoy the trip to Punjab.

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