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There is nothing wrong with wanting a luxurious experience during your travels. Other people might tell you to hold off on the indulgent activities so you have more to spend on other things like food and clothes. While this is good advice, sometimes it feels like you are missing on a unique experience that most people had and some could only wish for.

If there is a place in the world that is worthy of splurging for, one of those places would be Sydney, Australia. It has everything, from exciting activities that will keep you on edge, top luxury spas in Sydney that will make you feel relaxed, to mellow but breathtaking experiences that will leave you wanting for more. In this article, we will list down destinations you must go to for the luxury traveler in you.

Shop at Queen Victoria Building and Strand Arcade

The Queen Victoria Building has existed since the late nineteenth century. It occupies one whole block of George Street. The high-end shops in Queen Victoria Building are not just for clothes and jewelry, the place also offers shops for art, antiques, health and wellness, giftware, and footwear. The building also offers countless restaurants for you dine in, so much so that they have created a dining guide for visitors.

Another Victorian style shopping center is the Strand Arcade, found in George Street as well. It was named after London’s own shopping street in the mid-nineteenth century. Here you will find selections specialty stores and luxury brands from Australian designers. Just like Queen Victoria Building, is is packed full of a variety of products and services.

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Get relaxing spa treatments at The Darling Spa

Of course, nothing says “luxury trip” without a relaxing spa treatment in the itinerary. The Darling Spa is located in The Star Sydney hotel. It offers 11 treatment rooms, a Moroccan Hammam chamber, two suites exclusively for couples, a steam room, a Jacuzzi, and a fitness center with a Kinesis wall. They have also partnered up with EPSA and La Prairie to make sure that the treatment done to your skin is from internationally known products that promise nothing but optimal care.

Eat your heart out at the Kitchen at Bennelong

Now everyone will get a chance to see how renowned Executive Chef, Peter Gilmore, works his magic in the kitchen of the Sydney Opera House with his latest offering — the Kitchen at Bennelong. This venue is so exclusive that it only offers one four-sitting table for a minimum price of $2200. You will see the chefs of the famous restaurant work through the eight-course menu as the dishes are being cooked and served on your table. Since the Kitchen at Bennelong is perched right on top of the main restaurant, guests will be at a vantage point, where they will be treated to a unique view of the Sydney Harbour.

Take a dip in Bondi Beach

And for a more mellow experience, but indulgent as well, spend your time cooling down at Bondi Beach — one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Here you will find iceberg shops and other eateries. It even has Bondi Baths for people who prefer swimming pools with just the view of the sea in the background.

Sydney is not one to lack activities and adventures that will fit any budget. But if you are in the mood to splurge a little. Choose any one or all of these destinations for a luxurious travel experience.

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