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Tennis is a pretty extraordinary game. It requires speed, skill, and precision. Not exactly easy but always rewarding. Maybe you are working on your backhand. Or perhaps you prefer to be an enthusiastic spectator. Either way? There is no denying this one simple fact. Tennis gives you an incredible adrenaline rush. Which is why it is such a beloved sport. Sure there are many different sports to choose from. Like football and baseball. Beach volleyball and boxing. Tennis? It is something special. So ask yourself: are you a tennis lover? Then make your next vacation one to remember. Here are the best tennis centric cities in the USA.

Boston, Massachusetts. Boston should be on your travel wish list. Not only does it have a unique history and an incredible atmosphere but it is also a fantastic spot for tennis lovers. Why? This is a college city. That means there are plenty of division level teams to check out. In fact, five of the top twenty-five women’s division III teams come from Boston and the Boston area. That means you can check out the city and enjoy a game. You love watching an exciting tennis match. Add to the excitement by partaking in some sports betting at William Hill website with the most popular U.S. tennis players in different tournaments around the world. It is sure to make your tennis experience more thrilling than ever before.

Atlanta, Georgia. Have you ever visited Atlanta? You might want to. Especially if spots are on your mind. This city is known for its love of tennis. There is the BB&T Atlanta Open – a professional tennis tournament. There is the USTA Atlanta – which has the largest adult and youth tennis programs in the entire USA. There is the Atlanta Youth Tennis and Education Foundation – which has a raft of tennis lessons and programs. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Atlanta is jam packed with tennis programs, matches, and of course, sports fans. Just like the 1996 Summer Olympics which Andre Agassi won a gold medal for Men’s singles held in this city.

Downtown Atlanta skyline seen past traffic in movement, at dusk

Nashville, Tennessee. Few cities love tennis as much as Nashville. Known for its country roots and musical ties there is so much more to this bustling city. Here there are many fantastic places to play. Like the Centennial Sportsplex. It has a whopping thirteen outdoor tennis courts and four indoor courts. That’s not all. They also have eight tennis courts for children. That means the entire family can get involved. Pick up a racket and play to your hearts content. It will make for a memorable vacation. Another option? Watch the pros in action. The Vanderbilt Commodores Tennis team is a nationally ranked team that does quite well competitively. Time it right and you can check out all of the action for yourself.

Los Angeles, California. There is something to be said for great weather. Especially when it comes to tennis. All of that sunshine means that tennis lovers can play (or watch) all year round. There are outdoor tennis courts and indoor courts scattered throughout this iconic city. Want more? The USC and UCLA tennis teams are highly ranked. That makes for some seriously fantastic matches. Los Angeles is full of things to see and do. Like checking out the Hollywood sign, going to the movie museum, and heading to a professional tennis event.


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