The Best Three Places in France to Go on a River Cruise


There is no country on the planet better suited to a river cruise than France. There are literally thousands of miles of rivers and canals for you to enjoy, all flowing through beautiful pieces of countryside and ancient villages and towns. Additionally, there are hundreds of attractions to take part in. As such, a river cruise through France really is a great way to get to know one of Europe’s most beautiful countries in a fun and relaxing way. The only real issue is that there is so much to see and do there, that you may have some difficulties in choosing where you actually want to go. Let’s take a look at the three best options therefore.

  1. Burgundy

Burgundy is a truly idyllic part of France. It is where you should go if you truly want to unwind and relax, going through peaceful and quiet countryside. You will see some amazing tiny villages, very impressive chateaux and some medieval towns. You will have plenty of time to explore each of these as well. In Burgundy, you will also have to try some of the amazing wines. The white Chablis is world famous, but there are also many less famous but equally delicious red wines. It is also famous for cheese, including the Epoisses de Bourgogne and the Bouton de Culotte. Where else can you eat a cheese that literally translates as ‘button of underwear’?

  1. The Loire Valley

The Cher Rover is the principal river of the Loire Valley. France’s answer to the Valley of the Kings is found right here. You can see man historic castles, including Chaumont-sur-Loire and Chateau de Villandry. They are a perfect way to spend time during a shore excursion. The main town in the valley is Tours, where you simply must see the Musee des Beaux-arts. Alternatively, visit Blois, where you simply must see the Chateau de Blois. Or visit Chambord, with the amazing gardens.

  1. Gascony

Finally, there is Gascony. You will sail along the Canal de Garonne, watching the vineyard and orchards go by. There are loads of ancient fortifications and towns for you enjoy and there are also plenty of excursions. Don’t forget to try some local wines either.

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It may be very difficult to choose the exact part of France you would like to visit on your river cruise, with so many different options out there. However, nobody said you couldn’t only ever go to France once! Why not try one area one year, and another area for the next time you go? That way, you can experience all of France and you will be able to compare the different areas. Perhaps you even see yourself retiring to one of these areas in the future.


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