Tips for People Looking to try Extreme Adventure Holidays


Do you fancy a vacation with a difference? Something with a bit more edge than your average beach break? Push yourself that little bit further on vacation this time and go in search of extreme adventure.

Why an adventure holiday?

Adventure holidays have many benefits – you learn new skills, meet new people, see fresh horizons and in many cases, discover hidden personal strengths you never knew about. There are no laws that state every vacation you take needs to be spent lying by a pool or on a beach – other options are available!

Mountain BikeHow about zip wiring across the Andes, shark fishing in South Africa, mountain biking in Colorado or fell running in the Scottish Highlands? Whatever type of vacation you want, they can all be found in the “extreme” category. A walking holiday may seem pretty tame, but not when undertaken in the glaciers of New Zealand or the Amazon jungle.

Vacations that focus on adrenaline-fueled adventure can suit all budgets; costs are dictated by the distance you need to travel and the expertise and equipment required to support your chosen activity. Got a big budget to blow? Head for sand dune surfing in the Australian outback. If money is tight, stay closer to home with a mountain climbing extravaganza in Utah.

Packing tips for an extreme adventure

If you are going to switch up the pace and take an action packed holiday, go well prepared. There is a limit to how much luggage you can carry, so smart decisions about gear, kit and gadgets are crucial.

Choose high performance clothing that is lightweight, quick drying and suited to the activity. The highly recommended Tommie Copper range of workout clothes for women is a popular all round solution for a range of physically testing sports. For enhanced performance in tough conditions, compression clothing such as leggings, vests and shorts help with recovery times, allowing you to squeeze the maximum fun out of your vacation.

Don’t get lost in the wilderness; take navigation tools along with you. Depending on the conditions you could use GPS, maps or compass – just remember, the more remote your location, the more reliant on old-fashioned navigational skills you become. So brush up on compass, celestial and map-reading basics if you lack confidence.

Vital parts of your kit include matches or lighter, a multi-tool such as a Swiss Army knife, water bottles, head-torch, first aid pack and emergency whistle. Plastic bags for sealing essential documents from the damp and preventing toiletries from leaking into your pack are a useful addition.

bag packingExtreme activities are often accompanied by extreme weather conditions, so pack high factor sunscreen and shades, a sun hat and after-sun lotion in case you get over-cooked. Equally, getting cold and wet outdoors isn’t much fun, so include lightweight, compact waterproof clothing in your bag. High-tech breathable fabrics that keep you bone dry will be a great comfort if the weather turns ugly.

Finally, a compact, lightweight, water resistant and comfortable to carry backpack is essential for transporting all this equipment.

An extreme adventure vacation isn’t just great for getting adrenaline pumping around your veins; it gives you the opportunity to see what you are capable of. Now who can resist that kind of a challenge?

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