Top 5 Things to Do in the West Indies


The West Indies, also known as the Caribbean, is a seafaring region oozing with beach combed magic and natural beauty. The many nations that make up the area have long been considered some of the best places for tourists to experience what it is actually like to be on a desert island, a romanticised notion with its basis in the pirate legends of the eighteenth century. There are a huge number of places to visit in the West Indian region, some of our absolute favourites are outlined below!

Grand Cayman- Stingrays

Stingrays, the gentle, genteel giants of the marine world, should be at the top of many tourists’ lists of things to see in the Caribbean, and Grand Cayman is the best place to see them. You can either watch the creatures from the safety of a glass-bottomed boat, or exercise your intrepid muscles, jumping in the water to feed, stroke and play with the beautiful rays.

St. Kitts and Nevis

One could spend weeks in St. Kitts and Nevis and still have not seen half of the treasures on offer throughout this island nation. St. Kitts is by far the more urban of the two islands, and visitors can see Brimstone Hill Fortress, often named the ‘Gibraltar of the West Indies’, a towering colonial fortress that dominates the surrounding area, and the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club; a must for those that can’t keep away from their nine iron. On sleepier Nevis there are a number of truly excellent beaches; Pinney’s Beach and Oualie (wah-lee) Beach are two of our favourites!


Located just off of the north western Coast of South America, Trinidad is the birthplace of steelpan, calypso and limbo, making it a great place for kicking back and relaxing with a cocktail or three! The country also has an outstanding cricket heritage, the Queen’s Park Oval being one of the most picturesque grounds you may ever see. If you manage to catch a match then definitely download Coral’s app; with cricket news, live updates and live odds, it’s a great resource for cricket fans.

Puerto Rico’s Cloud Forest

Hiking opportunities are plentiful in the West Indies, and Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rain forest is one of the best of the region to explore. The Mount Britton trail is the most amazing, rising up through cloud cover to the Mount Britton Tower, a structure that offers wondrous views of the island and ocean.

Curacao- Diving

Night time isn’t the time of day that most would imagine would be best for scuba diving, but in Curacao visitors can do just that, navigating and enjoying by moonlight the huge number and variety of marine species that reside under the island’s surrounding waters.


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