Dubai, the ultramodern holiday destination of the United Arab Emirates, attracts thousands of tourists every year for its luxurious malls and state of the art architectures. It serves as the perfect getaway for serious shopaholics and party lovers. However, although Dubai is mostly famous for shopping and the excellent nightlife it offers, it also has many other offerings for the people who visit this beautiful city. Having the desert on one side and the ocean on the other, the city offers a varied landscape, and that is why Dubai holidays never disappoint. Especially the perfectly clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, plenty of sunlight and the beautiful sand make Dubai a perfect destination to spend some relaxing time by the ocean on the beach. There are plenty of beaches in Dubai, and here are the top three beaches which you must visit during your trip to Dubai.

1. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is arguably the most popular beach in the whole of Dubai. With long stretches of beautiful white sand and beautiful blue water, this is one of the best beaches in Dubai where you can soak up the sun. This beach is the most popular destination in Dubai among kite surfers, and the colourful kites take up a major portion of the beaches view of the sky. Along with this colourful affair, you make take part in various other water-activities happening here. This beach also has some of the most popular and sought-after casual dining places. ‘SALT’ is one of such food joints which has been attracting tourists and locals alike with its cool decor and the tastiest mini burgers you can find in Dubai.

2. Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach is another one of the most popular beaches in Dubai, where you will get to experience a lot more watersports and beach-side activities. From water skiing, paragliding, jet skiing, swimming, surfing – you can find almost any kind of watersports you can think of. This is an artificially made beach, and it is the perfect place to enjoy a seaside vacation if you want. There are a lot of luxurious resorts lining the beach, and the place is really popular among romantic couples. There are many attractions in and around this beach as well, like the Glory Art Gallery, Tour Val Day Tours, Talise Spa etc. to name a few.

3. Sunset Beach

With a direct view of Burj Al Arab, Sunset Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Dubai. The beach is famous for its soulful beauty and surroundings. Also, as it is clear from the name, the view of the sunset from this beach is simply breathtaking. This beach is extremely popular among families, sunbathers and picnickers. Although really busy, this beach is much calmer than the other beaches of the area, which makes it the perfect place if you want to just spend a relaxing day at the beach. Go for a long walk down the shoreline, lay out a towel and soak the sun and watch the amazing view of the sunset while you are here.


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