Top Unique Places to Visit on your Holiday to France


Are you searching for the ideal touring destination site in Europe? Have you checked out France? France is one of the most diverse countries in Europe also known for its variegated culture. It has some popular mountains and boasts some of the finest coasts in the continent. 28% of its landscape is covered by forests and it also has remarkable rivers. It has first class food and wine in restaurants such as Voyageur Nissart in Nice. Amazing landscape features such as the Burgundy green slopes make it a good camping site. Flat coasts such as the Languedoc-Rossillon can be toured with family and friends.

For you to fully enjoy and appreciate the pleasures of going for a holiday in France why not check out the following places.

1. The Montrichard

Its a place of medieval beauty like never seen before. Its located in the western center of France in the region of Loire Valley specifically in Loire-et-Cher. Some of the places you can check when around include the Loches, Amboise and Lavardin. It is an ideal place for touring and sightseeing.

2. Château de Chambord 

It is located in Chambord, Loir-et-Cher and is simply a French renaissance masterpiece. This is among the most recognized Châteaux in the world. It combines the classical French renaissance with the medieval forms and is also ideal for touring.

3. Roanne

This is one of the most known gastronomical centers. It is rich in history dating as far back as 2000 years ago. This can be represented by both culture and the monuments. It is situated in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region along the banks of the Loire. It is a common destination for historical trips.

4. The Berry Canal

This is a 261 km canal that links the Canal Latéral à la Loire with the Cher at Noyers. This goes on further to rejoin the Loire near Tours. This is a remarkable site to enjoy nature probably with family, relatives and friends.

5. The Village of Beynac-et-cazenac

This is situated in southwest France in the Dordogne department. It is a beautiful medieval village with residents of multiple communes for example military personnel and students. The Châteaux de Begnac is also located within the village. It is an ideal place for vacations and holidays.

All in all, France has got something for everyone out there. You need to make a trip there and see it for yourself. They offer several and different types of accommodations in France. One is the tourism hotels, which offer suites and rooms. They also provide food services. Another one is the camping type. It includes campsites in France that are designed to accommodate mobile home, tents and even portable housing structures for recreation. There are also vocational rentals that are official commercial establishments that have amenities and management provided services. The other example is a holiday village resort accommodation at fixed prices. This includes sharing certain areas as well as sport and recreational facilities. Finally yet importantly are the recreational leisure parks that also offer portable recreation housing but within the hotel system. These are among some of the accommodations offered so you need to find something within your budget. Most importantly though is to find something that is compatible with your intended type of visit. You can contact the travel agencies and also check their website to get all the right information before you make a trip. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a ticket and let’s meet there.


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