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If Australia is a jewel-encrusted crown, the Gold Coast is definitely the Kohinoor. With the serene waters serenading the passers-by on one side, the Hinterland volcanic plateau standing tall on the other and the clear sky just above you, Gold Coast will have you at “hello.”

If you’re a couple on your honeymoon or a couple looking to connect again through wanderlust, you could not have chosen a better destination. Visiting in August-September would mark the beginning of winter season. It will generally be sunny and dry in the first month. The reign of September would see cooler evenings and a windy weather.  These two months give way to a whole lot in terms of activities and sights to see.

Getting to Gold Coast is not as much of a pickle as you might think. Qantas Airways flies three times a day from Sydney- book your tickets for a hassle-free journey. Get off at the Gold Coast Airport. You will find it a tad small but exceptionally clean, modern and efficient. Bid farewell to your travel woes as soon as you check-out with your baggage.

Australia, especially the Gold Coast, is not known in the annals of travel logs as an inexpensive experience. Hence, getting around can be a little trouble. However, commodious car-rental all over the world has made things a lot less stressful. Book a car with Hertz before arrival and have them pick you up right at the airport.

Drop off your luggage at the hotel and put your travel shoes on.

Outback Spectacular: Going for the common tourist traps can be a bit of a drab. Scour out the less common but equally thrilling things to do. Ask your car-rental for some exciting suggestions while you’re at it. But first, check out the Outback Spectacular- a brilliant, professional theatrical performance full of energy and entertainment. It re-enacts the legend of the horse Phar Lap- a symbol of the Australian outback and throws in a scrumptious meal for added enjoyment.

Ditch the Beaches: Apart from a casual stroll one evening, you don’t need to dedicate an entire day to the beaches. Head over, instead, to the Hinterland for some hiking, park-fun, swimming holes and rivers. Go rain-forest walking on the Tamborine Mountain.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching: During the months of June-October, Humpback Whales migrate from the Antarctic to warmer places. Book a cruise with Spirit of Gold Coast and watch these miraculous natural creatures up close and personal. Be enthralled as they slap their majestic tails against the water, glide their pectoral fins and perform acrobats quite like a circus professional. You can also spot orcas, giant turtles, sea-birds and the ever-so-adorable, bottle-nosed dolphins.

The Infinity Maze: Right out of the “lesser-known attractions” guide-book, this is a unique experience. Get your hands and feet in some cotton gloves and embark on this intriguing walk with some swanky music, sound effects and interesting illusions. Get ready to have your mind boggled!

Of Adventures and Glow-worms: Opt for a balloon-adventure and float above the beaches and the gorgeous skyline. Go on a jet-boat ride or learn how to dive. If you want to take it a notch higher in terms of treading the unexplored, go croqueting or head on over to the Springbrook Mountain for a Glow Worm Tour. Go stargazing too while you’re there.



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