Travel Essentials: How To Get Around Sydney


Excitement is coursing through your body. Your mind is going a mile a minute. Why? The travel bug is about to take you somewhere truly thrilling. Sydney, Australia. This city (the largest in all of Australia) is known for its history, iconic sights, fine dining, and more. No wonder it frequently tops the list of the most desirable travel destinations. Whether you want to visit the Sydney Opera House, drive along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or check out one of the many local museums…. you can. Just make sure you know how to get from point A to point B and back again. These travel essentials will help you get around Sydney quickly and easily.

See As Much As Possible By Renting a Vehicle. There is so much you want to cross off of your travel itinerary. Like a few of those incredible museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants. Not to mention all of the stunning beaches! Who wants to waste time waiting for buses? Or money on expensive cab rides? Consider renting a vehicle during your stay. This will ensure that your vacation goes off without a hitch. The roadways in the city are well thought out and do not tend to be overly congested. So, a rental car could be the perfect solution to having too much to see and do. Whether you plan to spend the day working on your tan or exploring some of Sydney’s most beloved attractions…. do it without checking your watch. Not sure which rental service to choose? Remember this: Hertz is a name you can trust.Travel Essentials How To Get Around Sydney 2

Get Around By Making Use Of The Ferry Service. You want your experience in Australia to be incredible. Amazing. Memorable. Then be sure to make good use of the available ferry service. Sydney Ferries provides transportation to some spectacular nearby areas. These wheelchair accessible ferries travel to: Balmain, Double Bay, Manly, Parramatta, Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, and Cockatoo Island. That makes it possible to explore even more of the nearby area – and check out a stunning view of the Sydney Harbour at the same time. The journey will be just as exciting as the destination.

Travel Essentials How To Get Around Sydney 3

Move Through The City By Using Trains and Buses. Looking for more options? Not to worry. There are many alternative ways to get around Sydney. The city has a wealth of bus routes to take you through the heart of the city, to the harbour, and everywhere in between. (Just be sure to look up bus schedules, stops, and fares beforehand.) Try to group together must-visit spots as much as possible. That will help you avoid unnecessary bus rides. There is also a regular train service available in Sydney. That means you can always get where you need to go. (Visit Sydney Trains to find out more.) Another way to get around Sydney? Make use of the Hop On Hop Off buses. These are perfect if you want an overview of the city but are short on time.

Getting around Sydney is a cinch. Especially now that you know all about your options. Once you figure out what you want to see and do? The rest of your planning will be quick and easy. Thank goodness for that!


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